Observation Exercise


  • God, I have to pee
  • My right leg is shaking up and down repeatedly
  • I smell cheeseburgers
  • I’m hungry too
  • I expected to hear a lot more scribbling
  • Can I look around?
  • I’m looking around and no one else is looking around
  • I no longer smell cheeseburgers
  • I’m still hungry
  • Still have to pee
  • The girl next to me has a pretty cool tattoo on her shoulder
  • there’s a hum in the room
  • huuuuuuuuuuuuummmmm
  • My head itches
  • Scratched it
  • aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Turning the page of your sketchbook while its quiet is realllyyyy loud


  • Bathroooooooommmm
  • Sweet relief
  • outside time
  • It’s sooooo nice outside
  • so warm
  • the birds are chirping
  • Turning out of the courtyard then BAM! THE SUN!
  • I’m blinded


  • now its hot
  • look a door
  • oh christ something flew past me
  • sounded to small to be a bird
  • I’m scared
  • Inside looks like a creepy hospital
  • why does this not match the rest of the building?
  • like I stepped into a bad horror movie
  • It’s super quiet here
  • someone drew a face on the wall


  • I gtfo’d out of there
  • its so cold
  • turns out i went around in a circle
  • back outside
  • oh hey look a bunch of my classmates are here looking up at the sky like we’re lost
  • we look like idiots

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