The Quick and the Dead Responses

All Your Last Week’s Desires by Tobias Rehberger

all your last weeks

This piece consists of several colorful lamps that are suspended from the ceiling. This part of the exhibition incorporates time by using special sensors so that the light of the lamps mimic the light of the outdoors from a week ago. This idea is very creative and allows one to go back in time in a way. The color of the sky is always changing and can be unique so it’s nice that you can experience it again through this artwork.

Bullet Through Ballons by Harold Edgerton

bullet through ballons

This photo shows three balloons being shot with a bullet. The three balloons are each in a different stage of being shot. This piece shows the passage of time through the different stages being shown with each balloon. In a way, this piece slows down time so you can see something that would normally be too fast to see and I find that very impressive.

Timekeeper by Pierre Huyghe


This piece is a formation of circular rings on a wall formed by slowly scraping away the layers of paint on the wall and revealing the layers underneath. This acts as a portal through time, showing the history of the wall. I like the creativeness of this idea and that as time goes on the piece will grow. I also enjoy that it not only serves as a portal through time, it also looks like one.


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