Well I tried making eye contact at first but that got weird really quick so I started alternating from one shoulder to the other. It felt odd sitting in silence and made my coughs 10 times louder than they already were. And then I started thinking about getting some chicken noodle soup and where I could get some. The CVS would have some but so would the P.O.D. next to my dorm. Yet with the holiday approaching the P.O.D. could be closed and then I would have to trek all the way back to CVS. But with the P.O.D. I could use my Flex bucks and at CVS I would have to pay. Then I remembered that I had Ritz crackers at home and that would go great with my soup. At one point I looked at his shoe and then accidentally looked away and then back at his shoulder. 10/10 still would not do again.


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