Performance art questions

  1. How would you define performance art?
    Using your body in a planned or unscripted action for others to view as art.
  2. What is the relationship between performance art and other media? How is it similar? Unique?
    Performance art in stead of using some sort of material like paint or charcoal specifically uses the body in some way, shape, or form and the action is what is intended to be seen and not necessarily the end result. Yet all art media is intended for an audience at the end of the day and is meant to be viewed and absorbed by others.
  3. What is the difference between theater and performance art? One criticism of Abramovic’s post Ulay work is that she became too theatrical. Although the most of the work that we saw on the film was here early work, was the whole retrospective a spectacle and hence theatrical?
    Theater is a planned/ scripted performance involving a story and different scenes while performance art can be planned or unplanned and involves the use of the body to create art. I guess this piece could be seen as a spectacle but in all is definitely more of a performance piece.
  4. Locate some examples in the film that express Abramovic and her works’ relationship to time and discuss the importance of time and duration to her work.
    She marks each day that she is sitting down and staring at people and emphasizes to everyone that she is present ALL DAY which is a long amount of time. The ridiculous amount of time that she is doing this adds to the endurance of the piece.
  5. Perhaps, also just get some general response and find out if student perspectives towards performance changed as a result of the movie.


Well I tried making eye contact at first but that got weird really quick so I started alternating from one shoulder to the other. It felt odd sitting in silence and made my coughs 10 times louder than they already were. And then I started thinking about getting some chicken noodle soup and where I could get some. The CVS would have some but so would the P.O.D. next to my dorm. Yet with the holiday approaching the P.O.D. could be closed and then I would have to trek all the way back to CVS. But with the P.O.D. I could use my Flex bucks and at CVS I would have to pay. Then I remembered that I had Ritz crackers at home and that would go great with my soup. At one point I looked at his shoe and then accidentally looked away and then back at his shoulder. 10/10 still would not do again.

Ice Cube Holding

I felt dumb and cold. Mainly Cold….. And in pain. I had to move the cube to different areas of my hand when the pain became too much. When it was over i was relieved as I looked at the puddle on the ground, beneath my hand, that used to be solid ice. 10/10 would not do again.